Naughty Nuri's Warung and Grill was established as a family business by Brian Kenny Aldinger and Isnuri Suryatmi in Ubud in 1995. Mr. Aldinger passed away in August 2012. Ibu Isnuri Suryatmi now independently owns three Naughty Nuri's restaurants in Bali.

Expansion of the iconic Naughty Nuri's restaurant group started in 2010, when Naughty Nuri's issued a License to an outside group to open a Naughty Nuri's restaurant in Batu Belig, South Bali. This restaurant closed in 2015.

A corporation, PT SINAR SURYA TERUS GEMILANG (SSTG) was then established to assist Naughty Nuri's to spread its wings. SSTG owns the International Property Rights and Naughty Nuri's Trade Marks and Logos for many countries around the world, where Naughty Nuri's currently does business or is planning to expand to. SSTG is the group which grants License Agreements to our partners around the world.

SSTG is a privately owned company, jointly owned by Isnuri Suryatmi and Nari Asmiati. SSTG is established and operates under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

Significant international expansion commenced from 2015, with License Agreements approved for Malaysia, Macau, Australia and Thailand, as well as in Indonesia.